Project for Svarovski Active Crystals and Designboom competition 2008

While thinking about future jewelry it is good to look beyond its forms. These change constantly and depend on many factors.
Most wanted jewelry was always made of diamonds because they reflect the light in a very fragile and complex way. This brings magic ‘light cloud’ around the properly cut diamond. This sort of glam cocoon makes crystal jewelry so femine and delicate.
Lead crystals like Swarovski have refractive indexes and dispersion much lower than genuine diamonds. This is one of the main reasons why they can compete with them only in the economical field at the moment.
Active Crystals idea is combining electronics with crystals. So far it is crystal ornamentation added to electronic products to make them more elegant. Why not do it the other way around and make crystals better using electronics? High-tech can be used to strengthen the artificial diamond’s reflections. Holographic projections can simulate the cloud of random reflections around the crystal. Their strength and pattern would depend on surrounding light and movement for best simulation. Electric energy can be supplied with movement, like in automatic watches.

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